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Sketchbook Doodle-Dump: Take It Away!

I've been lurking around livejournal again, creeping ever so quietly, and enjoying everyone else's comics and drawings. 

While I'm a champion internet sneaky-sneak, I'm also a brand spankin' new (jobless) college grad with a touch o' time on my hands.  Needless to say, the doodles have been spewing from my pen since finals ended.

I rarely share my sketchbook with people; it's like my doodle diary/gratitude journal, and it's full of links, song lyrics, and nonsense.  I'm feeling brave today (which is rare), but here we go!

WARNING: Extreme geekitude ahead!Collapse )

I've also been on a huge Swedish indie-pop kick as of late.

Poppies! Oysters! Nerdiness!

I've been trying to get back into my artistic groove as of late by rustling up some crafts for my mom.  It was her birthday a while back, and as Mother's Day is just around the corner, I figured I'd cook up some swag for her.

The first package I tossed her way was pretty sappy and poppy themed, because the flower is special to us.  I bought the card and painted a couple of things to accompany the gift I sent her.

To balance out the sheer gooshiness of her birthday set, I whipped up a goofy card that'll hopefully make her laugh this weekend.  It's based on this Old Spice commercial.  Whenever I visit her, she makes me recite the ad.  Should I be ashamed that I know most of it?  Probably, but as long as it brings someone else joy, that's what counts, right?  Right?!

The rest is under the cut!Collapse )


Fundraiser and comic catch-up!

Hey there!  It's been a while, hasn't it?  I've been lurking...and doodling!  As evidence, I've tacked on some comics under the cut...

Here!Collapse )

I'm also posting to announce that it's FUNDRAISER WEEK AT KDVS 90.3 FM

I'm a DJ at my campus's radio station, and one week every year, we band together and try to collect some cash in the name of non-profit, freeform radio! 

To check out my show, feel free to stream it here (I'm Terra Belle).

We're not ones for letting good deeds go unnoticed, so in return for donations of all sizes, we offer "premium" packages that include (but are not limited to) CD bundles, DJ compilations, vinyl, station t-shirts, crafts, and books. 

To scope out your choices, feel free to head over to fundraiser.kdvs.org/ or call the numbers at the top of the site.  Even if you're not from the Davis, CA area, our staff will ship the goodies to you, free of charge! 

Should you wish to help me reach my show goal of $1,000 you can go here.  My 3 co-hosts and I will thank you personally on the show (Friday morning, 12 a.m. - 2 a.m. PST), and we'll be sure to use our cheesiest pick-up lines to woo you with our gratitude!  One of the two guys even has a British accent, if that helps!  (You can listen to the guys' show here!)

Sorry for all of the yammering and the links (especially since it's been a while since I've posted anything!), but if you know anyone who'd be interested in helping us out, please spread the word! 


Tunes, oranges, and jerky

I was having one of those days today...

After sketching this up, I began to wonder, what do other people do when they're feelin' blue?

In other news, I am very much in love with the Morning Benders.  I've been flinging their video at just about everyone I know; I really can't help myself.  When I found out they were offering the album version of their song "Excuses" fo' free on their website, I just about peed my pants with SHEER JOY.

While I prefer the version featured in this video, the gussied up version is still quite sweet.
(It can be found here!  *Fling fling fling*)

Here's a little something I doodled up a couple of days ago.  My roommate and I are a couple of strange kids.




Geez Louise, how long has it been since I last posted something?  I've been drawing like crazy lately, but keeping the silliness to myself.  I shall remedy this with some hourlies!

Man, oh man, could my life BE any more exciting? Brace yourselves...Collapse )

I'm sorry Jane Austen!

It's been a while since I've posted anything...and I have no excuse, really (other than sheer laziness, that is).

Here's a comic I sketched up to start off a letter to one of my lovely younger cousins.  I thought it was appropriate, especially since small-talk isn't exactly my specialty and launching straight into a "How are you?" seems a tad too impersonal.

Fall quarter starts this week, but rather than prepare for the educational "adventures" I'm to partake in during my last year at UC Davis, I've been watching far too many BBC movie adaptations of Jane Austen's stories.  This is particularly embarrassing because the only book of hers I've finished is good ol' Pride and Prejudice, but it should explain the nerdy doodles under...

this ridiculously fangirly cut.Collapse )

Yeah.  I should be ashamed of the number of Regency-era-inspired dramas I've watched over the past week, especially since they've resulted in many of these:

but when you've got a 4-bedroom townhouse to yourself for more than a few hours, you tend to go a little nutty.

Finally! A couple more comics!

I've been meaning to share a couple drawings to make this page look less pathetic.  Until I scan them, how's about some nerdy fanart?

I've been reading about the marvelous Don Quijote and his trusty (but whiny) squire Sancho Panza for summer school, and I love these two characters so much!  Their personalities balance each other out so well, some of their episodes have brought me to cheerful tears!

And in more or less recent news, my little brother has been getting his revenge on me for years of tickles and trickery.  I guess I was asking for it.

Sleep deprived

I need to stop crusin' the internet and start sleeping!